Just got your Private Hire Licence….need to get on the road quick and start earning  ?  You dont have to invest thousands buying a suitable PCO car before you start earning when you hire from us.

Has your scooter been damaged or stolen or waiting for repair ?  You come to the right place. Hire from us an  Simply transfer your existing insurance policy over to our vehicle.

You can rent one of our cars or scooters from as little as 4 weeks to AS LONG AS YOU WANT

All vehicles are fully serviced, road taxed and have up to date MOT.

We have over 10 years experience in the used car and Private Hire Industry, we have been able to garner a lot of knowledge about the industry and we are very well equipped to an ever changing market place. We hire  and  sell direct: no frills, no commissionable sales staff, just proper cars and scooters from previous owners, finance houses and leasing companies.

We know that when you want a rental you need as little hassle as possible so are website allows you to choose the vehicle of your liking and book it immediately from the comfort of your home.

There are so many other private car hire companies in London, all promising to offer the best services, and most times they are unable to keep those promises. At Private Hire, we allow our reputation do the talking for us, and when we make promises, we ensure that we go to any lengths to keep our promises. There are different reasons why we are a preferred choice in London, some of which include our speedy process, flexible contracts, secure online booking, cheap insurance options, professionalism, etc.

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