Xooox (pronounced “zooks”)

Xooox (pronounced “zooks”) is the latest ride-hailing app to take on Uber in the UK. The London-based startup’s USP is allowing licensed cab drivers and passengers to strike their own deal with no interference from algorithms.

The company claims that this model will extend access to ride-hailing to areas where most apps aren’t licensed, support regulators by providing them with access to a platform that records local taxi licenses, and reduce congestion caused by drivers cruising around to search for passengers.

Why should more people be using  xooox?

xooox is a convenient way to hail a cab, that offers more choice to passengers but at the same time empowers – rather than enslaves – drivers. The potential market is tremendous.

Any licensed driver can sign up and use it now, which means xooox can be used nationwide, not just in a small number of cities, which is the case with other apps.

How much will it cost customers compared to other similar apps? and why is it worth it? 

xooox is free to download and use. Passengers get to choose which ride they take from a list of available drivers in their area. They’re in complete control over which cab they take. They may wish to pick the cheapest available, but they might prefer to select the closest, or – if they have luggage – a vehicle with a large boot.

We’re providing a marketplace where drivers and passengers can strike their own deals, so the cost will depend on good old-fashioned market forces.

Xooox will be available across the UK from 10 May 2019. Licensed taxi drivers and operators can download the app from Google Play and the Apple App Store.

Why this is the Uber alternative for you: You want humans to take decision-making control back from algorithms.

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